Welcome, Voice of the Postmaster is an Organisation run by Postmasters, for Postmasters. We offer support to all Postmaster where we can. Members are regularly online to offer support on problems that you may be experiencing

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Our Mission


1) Fair remuneration for the work & responsibility we do for Post Office Ltd (POL). Taking into account the overheads involved.

2) The right to democratic independent representation on all matters.

3) The truth from Post Office Ltd about every branch’s future.

Our community building service helps postmasters connect with each other, share experiences, and provide mutual support to strengthen the network.

Network Strengthening

Through our network strengthening service, we work to enhance collaboration and communication among postmasters, leading to a more cohesive and resilient postal network.

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“I have found great value in being part of VOTP. The community is supportive, and the resources provided have helped me improve my post office operations significantly. Highly recommend it!”

— Sarah Johnson

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Voice of the Postmaster (VOTP) is a unique platform dedicated to postmasters from up and down the country. We aim to provide a space for postmasters to come together, share experiences, and support each other in their important role within the postal service. Our mission is to empower postmasters with valuable resources, foster collaboration, and ultimately contribute to the growth and sustainability of the postal network.

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